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01.12.2021 , 11:00 AM | #3
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Your idea only works if you remove valor gained from the 8v8 modes and make it so that you can ONLY gain Valor in the unranked 4v4 queue.
Yes, that could be a good idea. Valor is only useful because at valor lvl 25 you can access to ranked PvP. If we add solo unranked arenas to the game, as the only source of valor rewards, it would definitely help the players to improve in the 4v4 game modes, and by the same way, ameliorate greatly the PvP experience for all players paying a subscription for ranked PvP. At the moment, players gain valor from playing huttball ; it's the worst way to be good at 4v4 arenas. The huge majority of the new players trying ranked game modes hate it and complain how toxic and hard it is. It's simply because they've never practiced it in the past. Even with an hundred of games played, unranked 8v8 game modes never teach you how to improve in 4v4 arenas. Solo unranked 4v4 arenas are the only way to change this game enough to increase the number of PvP players and encourage everyone to get better at 4v4 arenas : to pay a subscription and play ranked.