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After having played the game for more than two years as a PvP unranked and ranked player, solo unranked arenas (4 vs 4) seem to be the key to all the evils concerning PvP.

Toxicity, pro-players farming the new players, people not playing the objectives, extremely inexperienced players playing in ranked, lack of PvP players, lower interest in PvP : those are many of the major problems this game has concerning PvP. Although the developers have tried to fix them (I've seen more interest from the devs to improve PvP with better rewards), no solution was able to have a significant impact and some were counterproductive. Today, I suggest you a new PvP queue : the best way to fully enjoy PvP.

How it works?

Players are going to have a new PvP queue named "Solo Unranked PvP arenas", next to the original unranked queue, the solo/group ranked queue and the galactic starfighter. In this PvP mode, players are going to play in 4v4 arenas only, the exact same maps as we can play in "solo/group ranked PvP." The only difference will be that it's an unranked game mode, made in the same way as solo ranked. This option would only be available for lvl 75 players, the same as for the ranked queue.


1. Reduce the toxicity in ranked.
Ranked players are tired of playing with newbies. The best players of the game can play agains't players that have played since two weeks. With solo unranked arenas, new players are going to have somewhere to improve and get better to the specific 4v4 maps, and be ready when it'll be the time for them to get into ranked PvP. Playing 8v8 maps is not a good place to learn how to play in 4v4 arenas. The way to play is significantly different. If a new player wants to improve, and buy a subscription to play ranked PvP one day, he firstly needs to gain confidence in him by practicing this game mode into an unranked queue. We must say that practicing for ranked in 8v8 maps is the worst way to improve because the goal of the current unranked game mode is all about the objectives (running the ball, guarding a pylon and more).

2. Reduce toxicity in unranked.
Unranked players are also tired to play with damage farmers who only want to improve their "killing skills." I am myself a player that plays in unranked only to practice my killing talents when I'm not playing ranked. Because the only deathmatch game mode is ranked, people that want to improve their fighting skills and play casually have no choice to play in the unranked queue, which greatly harms the PvP experience of all the objective players. This issue is one of the biggest source of toxicity in unranked PvP. Solo unranked 4v4s would remove a majority of the "damage farmers" from the queue (who just want to improve their fighting gameplay) and allow 8v8s to get more objective players.

3. Bring more new players to the game.
New players are going to have somewhere to practice and get tips & tricks from the more experienced players. Too often those players are getting destroyed by premades in 8v8s and by the best players of the game in 4v4s. With this new PvP unranked game mode, players will be able to improve casually, with fair teams (without premades from 8v8s) and without the extreme ranked pressure from the old ranked players. The new players are simply going to better enjoy their experience in a place they can practice their fighting skills, and eventually, buy a subscription when they'll be good enough for ranked.

Potential objections

--> Adding a new PvP queue would recude the amount of PvP players in 8v8 game modes.
Of course, it's a possibility, at the beginning at least. However, many players play in the current unranked queue for the wrong reasons. If deathmatchers play in an unranked deathmatch game mode, more players (who only want to improve their "killing skills") will want to join them and play the game. Objective players are going to stay in the classic 8v8 game mode and more objective players will want to join them because most of the "damage farmers" are gone. At the end, more players are going to play PvP : more players are going to subscribe to the game.

--> A new unranked PvP queue with only 4v4 arenas would reduce the amount of PvP players in ranked PvP game mode.
Yes, it may be the case, but only for a short time. Players who weren't supposed to play in the ranked PvP game mode will be playing in the new unranked queue, removing most of the inexperienced/inskilled players from PvP ranked. Slowly, more and more people are going to improve their skills in solo unranked 4v4 arenas and significantly increase the number of PvP players paying a subscription for ranked PvP.

To conclude, Bioware and all the SWTOR PvP players, you have everything to win with this new "Solo Unranked PvP Arena" game mode. You finally have the chance to reduce the growing toxicity and greatly improve the quality of the PvP experience for ALL the PvP players in this game. The question is : will you dare to do it? Do you have the courage to make the PvP great again in a nontoxic and better environnement?