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02.08.2020 , 03:24 AM | #202
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2020 The team is working on a lot of exciting things for this year. We will really have a big focus on quality of life, updated stories, PvP improvements and much, much more. We want to ensure your time in SWTOR is very enjoyable by having plenty of activities, goals, and rewards.
keith if the team is working on lot off exciting things for this year what about the most annoying problems this game has will that then be fergotten then since there are working only on exciting things for this year?
SWTOR is not more enjoyable more for a lot off players any more since the problems in the game are destroying it for then.

then i talk about the bugs in the game and about the quest problems that are in the game and a lot off then are all old and have been report on the forum all and still nobody took care to fix then or if there are fixing then to keep the communety up do date with it.
most off the communety like me give notting more about updated the story quest or inprovements for the game there only wane see first that a lot off problems get fix and also a lot off bugs get fix before there wane see the new story's missions and improvements for the game.