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Notice Charles Boyd saying that they will have "stuff happening under the hood" together with his coy smile and beard stroke.

This is no confirmation, of course, but considering that a hood down option is one of the most requested tech modernization items for the game, I think it is safe to say that this is exactly what he meant while avoiding anything concrete.
It's been asked for since the launch of the game so maybe?

On another note the "under the hood" thing they were referring to was more tweaks to optimize the games engine so a lot of current issues including lag are reduced. The engine itself is in very bad shape considering how it was rushed under "beta" [if you want to call it that] release (not the game itself but the engine was NOT ready) when the game launched. lol


Sorry for carrying on. Let's wish for better QoL stuff either way. I'm sure more will come if the optimizations work better then they did in the past.

Your point was very insightful and I will consider many options.
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