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The only planet that clearly establishes story order is Corellia, and even that is questionable. Siths and BH get to frolic around for some time (with only BH actually doing something useful to Empire), then Agent mops up and then 3 Republic armies (Jedis and Trooper) invade. Randomly insert Smuggler somewhere in there.

Edit: yea, your Corellia is a bit off. Imperial questlines all end up before Republic actually arrives in force to reclaim the planet. See Agent story.
Thanks for your comments. I think the second invasions of Balmorra and Taris are fairly clear too, but not trying to start an argument as everyone has the right to their opinion.

As for Corellia, yes the Consular and Trooper arrivals are mentioned in the Agent Story. The reason I show the Knight earlier is three things. One at the end of the Agent story when they spy on Hunter and the Star Cabal meeting after he/she leaves Corellia, it is mentioned that Tol Braga is dead. So it would seem to have very similar timing.

Also, the letter to the Sith Warrior after he/she finishes mentions that the Knight was taking care of the Emperor (letter says the Voice was in the body actually) about the same time as Darth Baras is being killed. So that is why I have the Knight about the same time as the final Sith stories.

Lastly, at the end of the Knight story on Corellia, the npc the Knight talks to mentions there is more fighting to be done, but that the Knight probably has other fish to fry or something to that effect. The other three of the Republic finish the job for sure like you say.
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