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Sounds like you've been away for quite a bit. Class specific stats were removed in 4.0. In fact, by now, they've been gone for longer than they have existed. That Superior Versatile Armoring 80 with Mastery is useful for all classes.

The problem isn't that crafted mods are useless or class specific (in fact, even crafted armorings are useful now that the set bonus is on the armor shell) the issue is that the same stuff also drops from any content eventually, and once a player has one char at 306, they can share that gear with alts and are done grinding item rating. So after a tedious process of reverse engineering RNG there is a very limited market for that 306 mod you finally learned to craft.

Even for personal use and lower item ratings you're likely to get better gear from loot drops quicker than you can farm the flashpoint mats to craft your own mods.

That said, as a returning crafter, if you can craft old armors, especially from reverse engineering old PVP gear back in the day, you might quite literally have the license to print money. Uniforms, trenchcoats, republic superhero masks, a lot of old gear is no longer available, (or only as cartel market items).
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