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05.22.2022 , 10:54 AM | #1
I couldn't find much information online so I took a chance and bought this decoration pack. I bought the Imperial one and really am underwhelmed and unimpressed. I really feel like it was a waste of CC for it. The flooring pieces look just like the floors in the penthouse so it seems like waste to use them. The "windows" go on a floor hook not a wall and they aren't really windows. I was hoping it would change the look and give another view into space but no it is just a window upright against a wall. The doorway you get also seems pretty useless. The panel on the doorway works but really for what reason? It looks just like the doorways that come with the penthouse. The columns change the lighting but I don't like the fact they take up a large or centerpiece floor hook when I could use that space for actual furniture.

I ended up not using them at all. Maybe I can find a use for a different stronghold.
I do like the layout of the stronghold and see a lot of potential to decorate.
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