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Ok, so this will be my last post in this thread, because honestly, I'm being made out to be some sort of bad guy just because I wanted a "toggle" (note that I have no problems with SGR for the people that want it.. yet I'm still being attacked).

So, what if the default for ALL flirt option was "off". You would then have the option to turn on "opposite sex flirtation", turn on "same sex flirtation" and a third option to turn on both.

That seems about as fair as you could possibly get for all parties involved. Does that sound fair to you guys/gals?
In all honesty I would find such a toggle to be unnecessary. It's really not that hard to just not choose flirt options. However if a toggle were to be implemented I'd expect it would filter all forms of romance. Whether there would be separate toggles for same sex or opposite sex is another matter, of course.

So yes, I'd consider that more fair. But not having any toggles would be just as fair.
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