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Hi there! thanks for that tip. So I found out how to switch to the non-streaming client after deleting my Bitraider folder, but the problem I have on Balmorra still persists. The game still freezes up at the same spot. I left the planet, went to the fleet, and came back to see if that would do anything, but still the same. Could this be a planet specific problem?? I am about to start with my Trooper on Balmorra and I want to see if this issue comes up again. Any other tips or tricks anyone has would be a great help. Thank you all for your help so far!
Just covering bases. You followed the procedure to expunge the most vile of vilest BitRaider as per this post, yes? Once you've switched to the non-streaming client the process to initiate a client scan and repair is different. If you run the launcher and click the gear icon in the lower left to open Settings the "Repair Installation" button will be greyed out. To run a repair you need to first log in. Then when you're on the news window you'll see your account name in the upper right corner, next to the minimize and close buttons. Click that then click Settings. Now the "Repair Installation" button will be lit and you can do a repair.

Regarding your cutscene. Try spacebarring through the cutscene. I had this happen before where a cutscene kept hanging at a certain point. I didn't do a repair, I just went back to the cutscene and spacebarred through it. If that doesn't work then you can try turning down your graphics settings to low before starting the cutscene.
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