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I only have one experience with play to win. I used to play a ps3 game called The Fight:Light's out. It was fun and you actually got some exercise playing it. I had spent considerable amount of time in the solo player and felt like I could do very well.

I did multiplayer a few times and I noticed that I was getting rocked by guys who never seemed to dodge/weave and just seemed to be hitting to the body. I was like what the world is going on? One day, I noticed that in the play station store was stimpacks you could buy which basically made you invincible. And that was that. I never played multiplayer again. Besides the time it spent to get an opponent, the fact that when you did get an opponent it was highly likely they were just using a pay to win stim pack.

If this game keeps the store to be cosmetic for microtransactions, I'll hang around. If it becomes a pay to win game, well I need to do something else with my time anyway.
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