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You wake up one day from cryo stasis in a new empire, with a new emperor who has somehow managed to create a new empire which puts the Jedi Republic and Sith Empire COMBINED to shame all while neither faction even knowing this was happening under their noses. Barely believable, but OK, Ill play along. I enjoyed the game a lot up till now so lets give it some leeway.
You didn't pay as much attention to the story as you should have. *Valkorion*(1) built up Zakuul's Eternal Empire up well before your character begins the carbonite nap. Arcann's involvement *as*emperor* begins at almost the same moment as your stay in carbonite.

The original *person* called Valkorion wasn't anything to do with the Sith Emperor, but just a warlord in an early version of Zakuul (ref: KotET Chapter II, talking to Valkorion), appropriated centuries before the player's journey begins by Tenebrae / Vitiate, producing the composite entity I usually call TVV..

As for hiding an empire, well, galaxies is big, and there's plenty of room at cross-galaxy distances to hide an empire from another, especially if the said "other" is busy fighting a third "empire". Heck, the only reason the Zak forces knew where to find the Pubs and the Imps was because TVV was running both the Zak side and the Imp side...

(1) Don't forget that:
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