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06.14.2021 , 05:18 AM | #27
Zanthana from Star Forge here - just weighing in on the OP.

More people are playing GSF than any time in the past few years, and it's brilliant. People are really learning to play it too - I've watched guildies go from the regular 0 kills every match up to 2 kills then jump brilliantly to the 10 kills a match once they grok how the game works. I was one of them!

Does it give great conquest points? Yep! Is that a bad thing? No - it has pushed a lot more people into playing an almost dead game mode. I can get match after match. The same with unranked, that's popping more than ever.

It's a heck of a lot better for an MMO to promote these activities than crafting solo thousands of objects a day. I do think that Operations, Flashpoints and Uprisings could be worth more points too as they take some organisation to get going and require some skill, but idea that drastically nerfing the points for GSF just because more people are playing it is silly.