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I learned that way and got gud, everyone else should too.

I'm going to also point out that hazing tends to run people off because reasonable people tend to see the lack of a point, but the people that get through it tend to be rabidly fanatical.
I think that’s an unfair assessment of Luc. He is here daily helping the community when they ask for help. If he were to pull his punches in matches to accommodate newbies like me, I would never get better.

There is a difference between playing against the best players who demolish you to the tricked out premade that finds the newest players and ganks them constantly so they have zero room to learn. You would be right in that sort of hazing had the opposite affect and drives people away. It’s why the normal ground pvp community has become so toxic. But things seem different in the GSF community. I’ve only come across one instance of the before mentioned toxic behaviour in GSF. Where as I come across it in nearly every ground pvp match.
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