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10.16.2020 , 02:57 AM | #8
The unfortunate reality is the lack of interest and participation - the first week I came back after a 3 year or so hiatus I could get reliable pops over and over on starforge...

Until double experience ended and it slowed down noticeably. Sure, some folks are currently doing the squadrons thing but the silence in the GSF channel really speaks volumes.

While upgrades play a huge role, the massive grind built into GSF basically set it up for failure. Not only do the more experienced pilots have the advantage of experience, but they also typically have "stronger" ships that are upgraded. It's hard to keep players interested in a pvp mechanic when it stacks so much against them.

But I also know that my biggest advantage is the countless hours I've spent in this silly little mini-game. I know I can out perform most pilots in a bare ship than most can fully upgraded. I can also acknowledge their are limits to how influential a single pilot can be. But it's not particularly helpful, even if its a statement meant to emphasize that skill matters more than upgrades.

My school of learning was as simple as trying to kill the people that killed me the most. That's it.

To get there I had to play a lot of matches and take a lot of beatings. If I didn't have fond memories of games like X-Wing or Tie Fighter, I would have never stuck around long enough to improve.

Now, the competition is not as fierce and there are even fewer people than before.

On the bright side grouping is a lot less frequent so there's a better chance of a more evenly matched game. However, the team's average level of competency still matters.

In the end you just gotta decide if its "fun enough" to offset all the irritation.
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