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but the odds that you'll be placed against similarly skilled (and similarly upgraded) fighters.... nears zero. Most new people try like 3 matches, gets absolutely DEMOLISHED in each match, and lose any interest they might have had.
As others have said, as nice as it would be, its not really possible given how small the GSF player base is nowadays, and it's also not as easy as placing people with similarly geared up ships together.

As an example; I don't consider myself a great pilot, I would say my skill level is average; I rarely use missile's, don't really pay attention to the stats / abilities / crew. Simply put I just want to fly about and pew-pew other ships with my lasers.

I started out by getting smashed every time I went into a match, over time, I got killed less and got more kills, figured out some of the tactics people use, etc. If I had the patience to watch videos and the like that people put up around here I am sure that whole process would have been easier, but its just not how I do things.

With the above in mind, now when I go to play GSF on a new character, I don't get smashed even if in a ship which is not upgraded, and after that first match, you get like 25k points to invest in the ship, that puts me pretty much back to normal play. Now ye there are always those times where the teams are just really out of whack and one team gets demolished no matter what you try or how your ship is geared, but in my experience those are not the norm.

Fact is that experience just plays a huge part in this game mode, and there are some really good pilots out there. Now personally I would love to see a version where you cant stop your ship and with lock on missiles removed, as there are also a lot of people who just tuck themselves into a corner and play as a missile turret, who I would dearly love to see actually have to fly their ship, see if they manage as well then, but honestly its unlikely we will ever see much added to GSF given the low player base it has