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10.10.2020 , 06:13 AM | #1
I mean seriously, please make a system ranking players (death to kill ratio or something), so that new people can get into starfighter without being absolutely STOMPED by veteran players and their maxed out starfighters.

Seriously, it feels like going against Cold War supersonic planes on a biplane in World of Warplanes - you are still a few thousand meters out of range, while the other guy takes you out in 1-2 clicks (while you can tail a guy for 15 sec shooting at them the entire time and you BARELY take down shields till someone else bursts you down in 2 seconds. And my personal favorite - missiles. OFC fully upgraded ones 1shot nearly anyone, basic ones eat only like 40% of shields at best).

Just PLEASE add matchmaking to this so veterans can play against veterans and noobs against noobs. I bet the veteran players are really happy having a full team of noobs to blast, but from the other side, it's no fun at all.

If there actually IS amatchmaking system already in place.... let's just say it's a VERY bad one and should be changed ASAP, because matching people who have 0 deaths and 20+ kills in every game vs noobs is wrong on many levels.