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There is that one part where the Player doesn't see their ship again until the Alliance base is constructed; that's where the possible outcome of the ship being destroyed during the five years that the Player was in carbonite could be placed.
OK, but let's say I play through KotFE on a character. And KotET. And whatever else is needed to get past where the "get a new ship" point will be. I leave my character logged out *on*his*or*her*ship*. Then the proposed change happens.

What ship does my character have? Does my character have a ship? If not, can I log in to my character?(1)

(1) if you log a character out in a stronghold, and then transfer the character to a server you've never played on before, you cannot log in to the character because it is somewhere ("My active Coruscant Stronghold", let's say) that does not exist on the new server.
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