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Yeah, I'd really think anyone who's played an MMO for any amount of time would know that. I just plain don't get some players' tendency to say "it's not in yet, so it's never going to be in". That would be like me saying, "Well, I'm not 50 years old yet, so I guess I'm never going to be."
That, I can clarify. You see, it's not a matter of 'it's never going to be in", but rather a matter of "not worth waiting for". We pay a subscription. The bill ticks off every month, whether they add the features we want or not. When we make the decision of how we spend our money, we look at what is in the game, what they state they intend to add, and the timetable it will take to get those additions we're interested in, and we compare the amount of enjoyment we will get to the amount of money we will spend. Somebody who has been waiting for Same Gender Relations, for example, might be willing to hold out for the original announcement of 'this year' because they purchased a 6 month subscription, and the next billing cycle of this 6 months should be guarunteed to contain what they wanted. When we are then told that we will have to wait until 'next year' for new story content, and developers refuse to comment on whether that includes the postponement includes Same Gender Relations, we no longer know if we are looking at the original 'this year', or this new timetable of 'next year'. And if it is 'next year', there is a big difference betwen 'early first quarter' and 'just in time for Christmas'. In short, some customers who have been patiently waiting for what was advertised may not want to pay 18 months more of subscription fees while they wait. Not when they have the option to cancel and come back later when the game offers them everything that they wanted.

This of it like subscribing to Satalite Television. If you buy the Ultra Sports Package because they advertise "All Sports Channels", only to discover afterwards that they do not have 'The Golf Channel", you may not be phased at all because you had no intentions of watching Golf. But if you are an avid Golfer who is more passionate about Golf than any other sport, perhaps the large amounts of Football, Baseball, and Basketball still leave you feeling unfulfilled. If your Satalite Company promises you 'Golf Channel will be added soon", that can appease you for a while. But when your subscription runs out and you've been paying for whatever period of time for something you never recieved, and then they tell you there are additional delays with 'some channels' and won't specify if your channel is one of the delayed, nor any clue how long these additional delays will take, perhaps you might not want to pay for another year of channels you don't watch just as a show of good faith to the people who have already let you down.

Just because they swear it's coming someday does not mean you want to keep paying them money for the privilege of waiting during all the weeks and months and years in between now and 'someday'.