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Hmm, good point, I hadn't thought of that. Granted, there's no way to know what BW did or how they're going to do things in the future, so... yeah.
I'm sure they have companions at least partially done. Absolutely sure of it. But I doubt they have any complete and ready to plug in, that was my only point.

Were I a developer I wouldn't, for example, hire someone to record the lines months before plugging the character in because developments might cause those lines to change, and then you've got to re-hire the person all over again.

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This reminds me of something I wanted to bring up, though, as it's about getting new companions for SGRs and part of why I hope that's not how BioWare does it: simply put, what if we don't like the new companions?
Simply put: that's our bad luck, and we'll need to wait for more characters to be added.

Harsh, perhaps, but it's true. They're not going to put in brand new characters and then change them completely because some people don't like them.

Let's be clear here: some people will dislike them. There are a lot of subscribers playing the game and a lot of different tastes in the mix. I'm willing to bet there's a huge variation of tastes in the watchers and writers of this thread alone. So yes, you can be certain that some people won't like any new companions added for reasons ranging from tactical to aesthetic.

It's a concern. It's a worry. But it's not really worth spending too much time fretting over because we just don't know what's in store; I have very strong preferences for certain companion characters for differing reasons and I'll be very disappointed from my own sake if none of the SGRA-enabled companions are to my tastes. But even if that's so I'll be thankful that those characters are in for the people who do dig those companions.

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If Kira's the JK's female SGR option, fine and dandy, I'll be thrilled. But what if she's not? I have this vague idea of the JK's female SGR companion being some smart-mouthed blaster jockey smuggler, someone who's supposed to have a love-hate relationship with the JK but whom I just can't stand having around.
Then, alas, you're going to be disappointed and will need to wait for another character you do like. Believe me, Kira's one of my Hopes too. I really don't think they're going to alter the companions to your tastes or mine once they're already in.

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I know this is completely hypothetical, but I think it's a legit concern and it's a huge part of why I hope BW doesn't go the "only with new companions" route for SGRs. Back at the guild summit, they said they're reading our suggestions, so I'm hoping they've decided to make SGRs with current companions.
Legit concern, yes, I agree. A concern we can do much about? Probably not, because they'd need to take the tastes of an unknown number of individuals (some of which wouldn't even weigh their opinions in) to 'get it right'. They'd really need to introduce dozens of new characters for SGRA and OGRA both if they did that. I don't think they'll ever release Personality Mod DLCs for the Dragon Age 2 characters for the same reason.