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12.10.2020 , 08:33 AM | #10051
I had an instant quitter in Objective Meridian. Luckily anotehr player came in soon after and we did the fp with nearly no problem. Same with Blood Hunt. Some instant quitter, anotehr one came in and we had no problems at all.
I don't know, why people list for a fps, if they don't want to do them. For those not really great rewards? I have some flashoints, I really don't like, simply because I find them endlessly boring, like Boarding Party or Maelstrom prison (btw: that is not Revan!) . But if I forget to click them away and then getting them, I'm doing them.
That was the reason, I did Objective Meridian in the first place. I didn't do the storyline yet and didn't want to get spoiled, so I normally had that fp ticked off. But I forgot it on one character and then it popped up and well, I didn't get as much spoilered as I thought and the fp was fun to play.
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