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01.25.2016 , 04:27 PM | #25
Great news but if you worrying about people gearing to early with BIS stuff.....too late. I don't think HM ops should have ever dropped 224 gear to begin with. Why would you award the highest level gear tier to players that have only done middle tier content? It makes no sense from a progression stand point. The idea is you get the best rewards from completing the hardest content. EV/KP HM is not the hardest content BY FAR and for a competent raid team even in some 208/216 gear is still easy enough. And the fact you get bolth 220 AND 224 gear to drop, that's 8 pieces of token gear 4/224 peaces and 4/220 pieces. that's means if you run it 4 times, depending on your teams loot rules, 4 people are walking out of the raid with a 4 piece 224 set and 4 people with a 220 piece set. How can you say that you are worried about people getting BIS gear when on a random Saturday you could have the above happen? 1 day and almost full BIS for 4 people, and you don't want people gearing to fast? 224 gear should ONLY drop in NiM modes as a reward for completing the hardest content period.