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09.22.2012 , 05:40 PM | #13
They need to find things which people will buy in the cartel shop. Hearing whats going in so far I cant see many people who can not afford subscription buying much of the stuff in the cartel shop, and most people subbing wont need XP boosts or legacy boosts or Valor boosts or vanity pets unless the new pets are much better than the ones we keep getting free, as for the new gear sacks for lv 15 etc, I cant see anyone wasting cash on gear they will out level within hours. As such given what we have heard so far the chance of getting new cooler looking gear is probably the only thing they have to sell to the hard core player who has most everything and is easy to mass produce.

Personaly I was hoping for new species so I would wamt to level more alts, which I would then want to buy outfits and other items for and new star ship skins. As is my lv 50's are hardly going to need XP boosts and its very unlikly they will need new speeders. outfits or pets as they have plenty of these and there is not much waiting on the group finder to flash.

I suepct that the gambling boxes will hold uber loot. Play to Win will be hidden by the fact that you can not buy new uber gear but you need cash keys to open the in game boxes which hold the uber gear. Way to get round selling new uber gear for cash and also to encourage people to spend a lot more cash trying to get it.