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Does the DPS not matter, just the healer does? He hadn't phased in so he couldn't have checked my achievements. We couldn't find a third tank and had to quit
For Umbara? I've finished it a dozen times or so (and wiped about the same number). I would say having good dps who can both deal damage, and avoid taking damage, is more important than just having a good healer.

You probably just had a bad tank there. You know the type. They stand in avoidable aoe, ignore mechancis, and then yell at the healer for not healing them enough.

Anyway, I was just baffled why players even queue for MM fps if they are going to quit immediately without giving anyone a chance.
That seems to be happening a lot lately. I keep getting players who drop as soon as a flashpoint pops up. There's no real pattern either. I've had them drop from more than one flashpoint, some are hard flashpoints but some are faceroll easy flashpoints.

They don't say anything, just 'poof', and they're gone. I'm not sure if they're trolling or what game they're playing, but they go on my ignore list.

There is a filter for flashpoints. Use it if you are not willing to run all the flashpoints.
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