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Hi all!

I wanted to update this thread and address some of the great feedback we have received so far!
Please note that we are in the process of gathering all the constructive feedback thatís being compiled here. While we are discussing the feedback noted above, that doesn't necessarily mean changes are coming for those points. However, we will circle back on what we are, or aren't changing, and why! Lastly, as with any new feature in development, there will be a few kinks as the rest of the system comes online. We thank you for the continued feedback and patience as that process continues.

We look forward to continuing to build Galactic Seasons out with your input!
Thank you for the update & response!

It does seem odd that you can 'claim' the token reward infinitely (or at least until you hit the 15-token limit (only 15? Really?) - not sure if this is a bug or a feature, haha. That does let me unlock the new fleet stronghold today, so I'm pleased.

Hmm...having unlocked the pubside fleet stronghold (it looks pretty nice, bytheway, with lost of hooks!), it now won't let me unlock the impside stronghold "already owned" but I can only get into the pubside one!
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