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03.26.2021 , 12:05 PM | #88
Were you able to find the Galactic Seasons page?
Yes, I found it from the dropdown menu "Login Rewards / Galactic Seasons". It was pretty easy to find.

Were you able to locate your Galactic Seasons Priority Objectives in the Galactic Seasons screen?
Yes, but I agree with other feedback that it should be more split out.

In the Conquest screen there is a list of tentative Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives. These are all denoted as "PO: Name". What feedback do you have regarding the current list of objectives?
I think the list of objectives was pretty reasonable.

How do you feel about the cadence and points offered in GS?
I think there should be some sort of reward if you go well over the 800 points.

What other general feedback would you would like to tell us?
I think the reward tokens should be slightly increased, or available after you've broken 800 points.