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09.30.2020 , 01:21 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
Its not a dps tank option, it's a tank option running dps gear.

I think asking for our dps specs to have a legitimate survival is hardly too much to ask. And in fact, might encourage fewer people to run skanks. Which would be especially nice because the overwhelming majority of skanks simply want to play a juggie in pvp and not die every 20 seconds, so they have absolutely zero idea how to handle a tank. If you're going to run skank, please at least learn to guard and taunt. You're not a pure dps.
Well the OP is not clearly stating that he is talking ahout the dps specs. He is talking about mobility and survivability in a very general manner.

Thanks for your lecture. Guarding, taunting, force scream and intercede are very basic skills one must have in rotation and master before even considering queueing a skank ranked. Still while providing all possible damage reductions and stuns for your team your secondary goal is to dish out a decent amount of damage. And that's where I personally see most skanks fail. In effectively doing both.