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Exactly this.
I'm not against staggering, but
1) They should have told us earlier, and
2) There should have been an e-mail with our specific wave date/time. The lack of communication (evidenced by the clustercluck on the forums/twitter/internets) is not acceptable and, quite frankly, is a worrying start to SWTOR. Here's hoping all communication isn't like this.
They simply cannot give a date/time because they don't know. They have already explained that and it makes perfect sense.

Anything could happen right now - servers could start crashing, who knows... Or it could go really well and more people could get in than expected. They don't know so obviously they cannot tell us.

I do think they could have done something like "We have split the EGA into 40 phases, you will be in phase 23. We cannot say how fast or slow the phases will be brought in because it is dependent on server load and stability".

I feel like that approach would have prevented this nonsense thread! Edit: Actually, probably not since most people do not read anything first.