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Additionally, this is a purely subjective suggestion made solely on behalf of people like me who craft for pretty things rather than stats, so it's a comment on part of crafting rather than crafting as a whole, but...
  • Please add purely cosmetic items at grade 11 (two dyes and one new colour of crystal for artifice is all you gave us; new synthweaving and armormech outfits have stats, when you could also give us empty shell outfits, armstech could get empty weapon shells, artifice empty sabers, more dyes and crystals, mounts for cybertech, etc).

I have cross-posted this thread to Reddit as well, with a view to hopefully gaining more useful feedback. Feel free to comment there if you prefer.
As I suggested over in your crossposting in the r/SWTOR sub-Reddit, I would like to tack on the following suggestion: put the former Galactic Command armor and weapons in as craftable sets, with schematics coming from the Skill Trainers at varying levels, depending on what Tier of GC crates they used to come from.
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