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Depends. I've had a similar debate with a buddy of mine. We settled with two possibilities.

They are equal.

Wrath is more powerful.

As for the second conclusion it goes like this.. Nox just gained a seat on the council by defeating a member of the council that the others felt barely deserved the position in the first place. Nox also did it with the help of various spirits rather than his/her own power. In a sense you can still argue it Is Nox's power but.. not the point of this thread.

The wrath on the other hand is second only to the emperor himself. He/She was chosen specifically by the Emperor himself in order to serve. Even the council has acknowledged him/her as the wrath and outright states he/she may do whatever he/she wants as long as it doesn't contradict their own goals. Despite this the council seem nervous and even state they won't get in Wrath's way.