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Nathema drops a deco? I've run it dozens of times and never got a deco. How rare are they?
Likewise, I've never got a deco from Corellia but at least I know people who have.
They are not rare at all. The Nathema, Copero, and Objective Meridian fp all drop a decoration with every boss. The bonus boss in Nathema even drops 2, and the bonus quest also gives you one. I've farmed those 3 flashpoints on multiple servers for decos. They always drop without fail.

This is for all modes. If you have run SM versions of the fp and not seen any decorations drop then there is something seriously bugged with your game.

It's SoV and SoE that are horrible for farming. It's RNG whether you get a deco in the first place, and then RNG for what deco if you do get lucky. Even solo'ing Vet mode you can end up with zero decorations dropping. It's a horrible QOL change compared to the previous 3 flashpoints.
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