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Hi all,

Wanted to confirm a couple things. For Solo-Story mode, decorations do not drop from the bosses, but upon completing the quest, there is a chest that grants a decoration. This is a one time grant. Decorations currently drop in Story, Veteran, and Master modes; however, they are not guaranteed on every kill.

We have read feedback similar to the OP's, and are evaluating increasing the boss drop rates for SoV and SotE for Story, Veteran, and Master modes. We will keep you updated on any changes that may happen.
Four months have passed since we got this answer, but still nothing has happened!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't believe that it's a good beheavior to ignore the request for a schedule!

Will Bioware do something about this problem and if so when will you do it????

I'm sick and tired of buying the decorations for 500 mio or much higher amounts!!!!
May the Force be with you.