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It takes a few tries to memorize them, its not really hard. Yes you do need the best “gear” but thats not really guarantee to succsess. The gear was on CM maybe in 2.0 i think thats true. Its not that hard to buy now as people sell the parts on GTN for maybe 2-3 mil a piece. If you have a friend who plays gsf a lot just ask him since gsf also hives fleet coms and these people use them to buy this gear and sell on gtn.
Some of the heroics are not that bad, some require damn near perfect play over the course of minutes - though there are videos around that show when, where and how to use all the abilities to complete the mission, so players don't have to figure it all out for themselves.

As far as the starship parts - I forgot they can be bought with comms and sold, so all can be found for credits without having to earn comms on a character, but at least on SF, they aren't anywhere near 2 million each (crafted ones are cheap-ish) - more like 15 million plus for each.