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05.22.2020 , 03:46 PM | #55
The heroic ones that came with the grade 7 stuff are absurd - doable with a lot of practice and memorization - but not what I would call fun.

Most of those are also impossible without all the grade 7 stuff, which require spending crazy stupid amounts of credits to buy the couple that can be crafted, and loads and loads of space comms, which will take someone getting started a lot of space dailies to aquire.

They were at one point on the CM, as well as supposed to be in collections, but I never see them on the CM anymore and while I have a few characters with the items that show as 'in collections', they are not really there.

For the daily CQ objective though, just do the Jablim Escort (Imp - name may be off) or Fondor Escort (Pub - name may be off) mission as they can be done with no ship upgrades, though picking up the vendor starship equipment (GTN area on Fleet, vendor in every planet spaceport) makes those two missions a joke.

Oh and fun fact - these originally were infinitely repeatable, but as noted above, because they are all fixed (they never change), credit farmers and power levelers botted space missions 24/7.