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I agree, there's been a few threads on this, it'll do no harm to have them there. It's another feature that isn't necessary for everyone, but will be used by some, and having it there is always an nice extra bonus.
In the name of the Force, edit your damn posts if you have more to say. Don't double post 3 minutes later because you want to respond to someone else in the thread. Just edit your post and add their quote to it.

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Again, you are attacking people because they don't view the game as you do. Immersion is NOT vital to an MMO, it's a part of it for SOME people, not everyone. Which is great, different views make for an interesting planet. The reason I use the fleet transport, is becaue it does nothing for my immersion, to leave fleet, travel to hutta, go around, just to pick up the missions. I'd rather spend the time, actually doing the mission. Not everyone has the time to spend on that. You play your game, your way, I play mine. But don't attack people, or blame them because they don't follow your way
You made yourself an example, and I highlighted it. This isn't a personal attack, this is using you as an example of the mindset of that type of player. Not my fault you volunteered, and not my fault if you take it personally.
MMOs are supposed to add content, not remove content: *Galactic Map - 3D planet models, satellites, and home stars or mother planets shown, similar to Mass Effect's map, *Tython Captured Padawans - dead Padawan in cage missing that triggers mission *Advanced Class NPCs *etc., etc., etc.