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06.28.2019 , 01:19 PM | #10
So yeah.... auto crit dev blast with 100% armour pen and up to double dmg with fucious focus and AOE with tactical?

Not sure how the dmg will stack but we r looking at like a 50-60k dev blast (258 gear) on everyone in range? I mean.... u can clear the room with 2-3 carnage maras lol.

Play the way u want is all well and good, but seriously, some of these tactical ideas r just useless. Maddash from camo... sounds cool visually, but y would anyone ever use that for anything practical?

Annihilate automatically kills standard and weak enemies .... Lol. Like anyone cares about standard and weak enemies. They blow up in like 2 GCDs. At least make it kill those enemies outright regardless of HP, but this thing still has no uses whatsoever. Are there ever any standard weak mobs that dont die in like a second in ops? Nothing comes to mind. Useless in pvp too.

I dont expect always ferocious to be worth it, since all your big hitters get 100% armour pen doing normal rotation. This is likely a dps loss. Also, what would activating ferocity do when you are using this tactical item?

Hyper looks cool and sounds like it would be usable in PVP, maybe PVE as well.

Bloody focus - how much bleed dmg? Some kind of number or range would be nice so we can put it into perspective.

All the detonate perks, obliterator and vicious saber look very powerful (carnage one especially so) and will likely need some toning down. A utility tactical would need to be seriously strong in order to compete with these, since what a dmg class would like from a tactical primarily is more dmg 99% of the time.