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Hey folks,

New Ability Furious Focus
Furious Focus has 4 ability charges and recharges every 30 seconds. Activating Furious Focus consumes all charges causing your next attacks to do 25% additional damage.. Ex: If you consume 3 charges, your next 3 attacks do 25% increased damage.

Oh great. Marauder will hit even harder than it has before.... Wonderful. I know we want to make these new changes "build defining", but at some point we can't continuously center a marauder's build around critting for half your health.

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  • From the Shadows - Activating Mad Dash while under Force Camouflage makes it critically hit and slows any targets it damages.
This has literally no use in any game mode. Additionally I don't know if "under" is the right word since activating Mad Dash while using Force Camo will break Force Camo apon use.

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  • Detonate - Raging Burst detonates Force Crush, dealing damage and slowing any enemies in an area around the primary target.
Please don't give Fury more crowd control. It already has a lot with obliterate root, force jump root, force crush slow, and ravage root utility. Fury Mara shuts down a lot of classes in pvp already. Please don't give it another tool to control it's opponents.
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