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I'm with the keep Ashley employed crowd; even more so I'm now part of the keep Ashely Ruhl VERY BUSY fan club!

And initiate this fan thread, for all those that have loved and adored the work of a Dev that we may have never even heard of previously.

When I rolled a new Inquisitor 10 years ago, I didn't know the amazing interactive Star Wars movie that was in store for me. When last month I re-rolled my same inquisitor spec and character design, but with my final outfit look (which didn't exist as a Cartel Market set at the time), I recorded the moments that were defining...

Moments Dev AshelyRuhl made possible.

So imo some fan love is in order, and here's to another 10 years and a robust budget to help keep Ashely VERY Busy.


Please read Ashley's Dev Blog here: to get up to speed (if you haven't already)

And please post your fan sentiments, show her some love and appreciation, and share your memorable and or inspirational moments in SWTOR Cut Scenes! And hopefully Ashley will swing buy every now and again to read her fan posts. (or this thread will die a horrible fiery death via a Mod delete button - but we'll try to make this thing - there's a lot of lovers of story out there in our community)

So here goes nothing... Clicking: "Submit New Thread"

And let's hopefully show Bioware EA our enthusiasm for MORE STORY!
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