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03.06.2021 , 06:06 AM | #2
We had a great start to the event series with 4 ops groups completing all locations in about an hour.

Week 1 Screenshots
We alternate the faction each week so this Sunday we are on Rep side attacking Imp bases:

Sunday 7th March 13:10 GMT - Republic Attack Imperial
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  • Alderaan: 20 House Thul defenses + 2 Sith Overseers
  • Quesh: 15
  • Section X: 30
  • The Black Hole: 50 & Corellia: 20
  • Yavin 4: 30

How To Join In
Just be on Republic Fleet this Sunday when we begin guest invites at 13:10 GMT (14:10 CET). We will be using teamspeak to coordinate and we'll give out the details on the day. The character you join with must have access to their personal starship to be able to accept the group summons.