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People tend to forget SWTOR is a F2P model with a strong IG-shop. Actually it is the most profitable of the entire genre. That means in other words, SWTOR billing design is optimised exaclty for the purpose of compensating temporal player loss. The major error people do is watching at each and every month and how many monthly fee customers log in the game. For a F2P model this is absolutely not important, but the entire year the whole income the game can make. This devided by 12 is the actual monthly profit. And by that numbers SWTOR is still doing very good. If I remember correct SWTOR has the second best income of the entire MMO genre. Of course WOW is the primus, and there is a huge gap of income between WOW and the second best, SWTOR, but nevertheless SWTOR is still earning a heck of money. As long as it stays that way BW has no reson to change any subscription model or of the F2P design it is actual using.

With that in mind, SWTOR will go on as long as it can. This mean, as long as it remain profitable and as long BW can use the Star Wars franchise.

What happened back then with SWG? There were exactly those 2 elements that put it down. First of all Lucas Arst didn't want to rent their brand to SOE anylonger. Second, the game wasn't quite lucrative enough. Beside that BioWare had proven themself with KotoR and the new overall deal with EA was anyway at bay. So SWG was shut down.
Will there be ever a new SWG? Not as long as another producer owns the rights of Star Wars.

What happened to EQN? Actually similar reasons different timeline. The brand was sold from SOE. The new owner shut it piece by piece down, for reasons unknown by me. I hardly belive the argument EQN asn't profitable, because there is no profitable game in the alpha stadium. Only if the developer can bring it to gold it can be profitable. But until then is is only a hole for money. Shuting it down means there is absolute no profit for the owner.

WildStar. As soon as the gamedesign was altered to be more mainstream friendly it began to die. Why? Because the entire combat design is not what most people expect in a MMO. IMHO it is still a helluva fighting system which is the most intense I've ever played into a MMO. In Wildstar I never had the feeling my alt got down for resons I couldn't understand but always because of my misreaction. Kinda "Dark Souls light". But that is the main problem! Most MMO players want to play a game for longer durations. We don't want to handle the stress on an on and on, but only for a short amount of time. Thatfore WildStar was designed only for a special kind of people. As soon as Carbine threw it in their faces by changing Wildstar more casualfriendly those people began to leave as well. And here we are now.

Taking the whole circle,
those arguments can kill any MMO. You do it to fast and to easy, people will do more content, but will definetely get bored. By that the players are robbed of the long time experience. "Don't you wanna be in short time a lvl 65?" - Well that's the thing, actually in an MMO endgamecontent is always short and repeditive. As sooner you get there, as sooner you'll get bored. And what is the costomer reaction? Of course taking a break for a while or leving for good. What does this mean for a MMO? Naturally less income, less playerbase.

I never understood why SWTOR's level phase has been shortened by this amount? By me it was fine, paired with those XP Packs and the lvl60 token everyone could have the levelingspeed we want. The secondary bad developement was the now boken crafting through the fast leveling span. By all means, IMHO BioWare broke 2 of the main spires of the game and called it an improvement. Well it's not! It's weapongrade Ballonium. And the thing that bothering me is, the alternative could have worked quite easy and would be cheaper, since everything is already in the game. By lowering the standard leveling speed those two spires would be working again.