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I don't get this "pre-4.0 was hard" nostalgia; it really wasn't, because you could always pick up a level or two, get out of the band at which the enemies could even touch you, and come back and lay waste.
I agree completely.

When 1.2 added legacy +presence boosts, the more you played the game, the easier it got (and not just due to familiarity with game mechanics). Unless you were a brand-new player (both to this game and to MMOs in general) it required somewhat deliberate playstyle choices by the player to maintain any degree of challenge (e.g. underleveled, don't upgrade gear, don't use a companion, etc).

That said, I can say with certainty that combat vs mobs has absolutely been tuned down remarkably. I remember the very first elite mob I ever encountered in the game (4 years ago now) was on Ord Mantell -- I had just gotten Corso, and both of us were quickly creamed. Res at med center, bought some new gear, and tried again and died. Third try I finally killed him with Corso on the ground and me at 2% health.

Fast forward to 4.0 -- I created a toon on a new server with no legacy, ran into that very same elite mob, and killed him completely solo, with about 70% of my health remaining.

Personally, I rather enjoyed the earlier experience -- I like the idea of seeing a powerful enemy mob and being worried. But it's apparent not enough people like it that way so it was changed.