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For that matter, it's not like you weren't horribly overlevelled for content pre-4.0 if you did everything on-planet, nor were even the H4's terribly hard at low level, as long as you brought your healer in gear appropriate to your level. They were just tedious. Other than some extremely random (fake) difficulty spikes (none of which were in Heroics), I don't recall anything truly difficult on the class storyline planets (class/planetary/side-quests or heroics). For the very few heroics I didn't complete before leaving the planet (in Nar Shadaa's bonus series area), I came back a few levels later on and facerolled because the opponents could literally not touch me. I don't get this "pre-4.0 was hard" nostalgia; it really wasn't, because you could always pick up a level or two, get out of the band at which the enemies could even touch you, and come back and lay waste.

Not saying that post-4.0 isn't easier (it is), but it's not that much easier, and except is some very extreme circumstances, you can be hurt, and if you work hard enough at it, hurt pretty badly
Indeed -- the idea that pre-4.0 was some sort of "hard content utopia" can only be based on trying to speed through the content so fast that your characters were underleveled and undergeared, and so were your companions. If you did even some of the side missions to go with the class and planetary arcs, you'd be out in front of the level range, and if you just upgraded every 4 or 6 levels, there was very little you couldn't do on each world.