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Quote: Originally Posted by ChicksDigHarleys View Post
My newest character hit 65 before finishing Chapter 2, and never came close to death once, even soloing Heroics.
Either you're talking about low-level planet heroics, or your "solo" is referring to "with a companion out".

Once you start getting into late planet heroics (particularly the old H4s that were changed to H2+), running them completely solo with no companion out at all has plenty challenge. Take an encounter with 2 elites and 3 silvers in a single group, for example.

These fights are completely doable, of course, but it requires CC, using your DCDs, and really knowing your class well to burn everything down quickly. You're going to end a fight like this with low HP. Unless you're willing to wait 60-90 seconds in between each pull for ALL of your defensives to come off CD.

Mind you, I'm not disagreeing with your complaint that the game has become too easy -- just take the hyperbole down a notch.