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#5 on this list:
plus when I look at the lists of workshops and presentations at game developer conferences, a large number of them are about marketing to women and other minorities in the gaming community. Gaming companies are realizing that there is money to be made by including people other than the straight white male.

When (I'm being optimistic today) SGRAs are added, it will not just be good for equality (enough of a reason in my book anyway) but also from a business standpoint.
Interresting read. Sorry, didn't watch the video one yet (will watch it later). But note it says "consumers speaking up with their wallets"

Which is something I have suggested, and posters didn't like the idea of.

I did the walking away from TOR when I couldn't make a Chiss Force User unless I rolled up a class I didn't want to play and get it to 50 first, I left. When all I had to do was get to level 10 to make it, I came back. So it's not like I don't take my own suggestion.

And I never said females weren't a majority of game players, and never said companies shouldn't do things which may be niche. But if money is a factor (which they said it was), I can understand the cut.

Also, it points to kick starters, I'm interrested in seeing how those projects end up in the long run. Though for big companies like BW, I'm under the impression, 3 million is considered small profits.