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Can we please stop with this line of thinking? OGRA's are inherently a DEFAULT. You're complaining about a preset setting.

The more I see posts like this, the more I am convinced that when Bioware finishes implementing the SGRA's, there will be another 1000 post thread about all the ways they "did it wrong".
And any content added afterwards will not have a toggle. I can't switch off the Rakghoul flashpoints that were added, which involves an entire planet of people being corrupted by a virus (I think. Yet to play it, and am only going off the ads. ) That is MUCH worse than however bad someone might think SGRA's could possibly be. Why should SGRA's have a toggle when no other added story-feature will?

Hm? What's that? The flashpoints are not essential, and can easily be skipped if you are uncomfortable with the content?

Moral of the story; if you find it offensive, don't do it.
If you don't want you children to see it, supervise their gameplay, like you should be doing as a parent.
(Last bit not addressed at you, just at the general reasons for demanding a toggle. )

And as for characters already at 50... Hm. Maybe they could implement another NPC akin to the Skill Mentor? Pay a fine (first time costs nothing, of course.) to reset the story progress of companions, but gain no additional benefits such as experience or credits from them?
Down the line, perhaps they might even implement a new-game plus concept, where at the conclusion of your story, you can start over again, with specially instanced versions of earlier planets to match your level? That would be pretty cool!