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07.31.2021 , 05:21 AM | #10
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I. But a group only queue won't fix things the way you think it will.
Since I haven't defined what I think will happen when groups are removed from standard queue, I find it dubious your assessment will match my expectations regarding any ultimate solution.

As you mentioned, removing them from the queue will likely result in an improvement. Modest improvement > no improvement. I've said in other threads, and I'll repeat.

The choice is not between a perfect queue system that makes every game great and a marginally improved system. Given SWTOR's dev resources and GSF's apparent overall importance in that scheme, the real choice is between marginal (and easy) improvements and nothing.

Removing groups above two from being able to queue is an easy fix with real, but modest prospects for real, but modest improvement. On the scale of what we're going to get in GSF's future, that's pretty solid.