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Dogfighter/Wingman’s Starfighter Pack which came out with Shipment Four "Starfighter Packs" on Jan 14, 2014 in Patch 2.5.2. So, try searching for Starfighter Pack.

As Steve mentioned, there is an increasingly smaller chance of them dropping in the only pack you can buy direct now, the Ultimate Pack. I say "increasingly smaller chance" because as more and more time passes since the item was released and newer items get introduced, the pool of items in the Ultimate packs gets ever larger and therefore the already tiny chance of any one item dropping gets smaller over time.

Since nothing GSF-related was offered in the winter sale associated with Life Day, you aren't likely to see anything until the May the Fourth annual sale. That being said, I've never seen one of the cartel market ship skins pop up as a Flash Sale, or any of the special market-wide sales.

I know you can direct purchase the TZ-24 and IL-5 starfighters for cartel coins, can you not do the same for the K-52?
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