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my question is.. should we be doing all 3 specialization paths and then pick the best for the occasion?.. or just pick one and not do the others at all?
You should be doing whatever floats your speeder, and to a lesser extent, what suits your playstyle. Try all 3, or not - your choice.

There is no 'need' to learn more than one specialization, but it may depend upon your goals. For me, as a casual player, I just pick the specialization that I like the sound of best and/or like the skills the best. Some other build may be 'better', but, whatever, my main goal is to enjoy myself. 🙂

Also, in the long run, I think it's better to - for example - have two separate Sages, one configured as a DPS and the other configured as a healer, rather than continually switching specs. (If you switch spec often enough.)
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