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Current system is ok. I can understand why they did it, and I can understand why many don't like it.
There is not a perfect solution for any scenario. But should a lose really be worth something.

Weekly reset is a problem for F2P players more then anything else. With the limit of ten games per character none will manage to make a weekly ever, unless the stars align and all the known gods are with you.
I also understand why they did it, but it didn’t work to stop afkers or encourage more people to try winning. All it did was make the system more draconian to solo and casual players with less available play time.

And while the points system is not perfect, how about if they’d just adjusted the points instead of getting rid of it entirely? That way if you get bad matchmaking or fools who don’t try and win or multiple premade vs pug matches, you’ve not completely wasted your own play time.

It’s not always the players fault if the teams you’re on keep losing. Remember there are 7 other players on your team. You can be the best player in the game and get put with a bunch of random muppets for a string of matches where all you do is lose.

We are also talking about regs and not ranked. Where I agree that wins only should count because it’s a highly competitive structure with a published ranking system.

If 8s was a ranked format too, I would agree with a win only format, but it’s not. 8s is a as casual as you get. There’s piss poor match making. You’ve got premades vs solo pugs and you’ve got a large portion who don’t even try and win because their scoreboard preening.

As long as you have those conditions, it’s really not a fair system to only award wins to complete the weekly which will now be linked directly to your gearing.

Myself and others made the points tweaking suggestion way back before they even made the win only requirement. We argued for increasing the total points per weekly and increasing the points for wins, while keeping the points for losses at 1.

At the same time we argued that wins should reward more “things or shines”. Instead BioWare nerfed rewards for losses and didn’t increase rewards for wins. That’s partially why I believe many don’t try and win cause you really get nothing for it.

The system I would put in place would be a points system. You could make the weekly need 30 or 40 points (depending on if you wanted a 3:1 or 4:1 win : loss ratio).
* You make a win = 3 or 4 points
* You make a loss = 1 point (people still get something towards the weekly)
* You add real incentive rewards (things) for winning
* You add give out health packs and stims for losing
* You remake the medal system so it’s custom for each map type to encourage winning and add rewards or daily/weekly points for getting X amount of medals.
* For 8s only, you remove the public scoreboard points for damage, healing and protection. Make them private so you can only see your own. And keep the medals, kills, deaths and objective points public on the scoreboard.

That would encourage people to play more and not feel like they are wasting their time. It would encourage more people to play to win and take away the incentives to scoreboard preen and still have a disincentive to afk.
Of course you would still get people who will afk or rage quit, but that’s no different to now under the draconian system we have. At least under the points system, people would feel like they are not being penalised for no fault of their own.