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After seeing what Disney did to Luke's character during "the Last Jedi" I'm glad SWTOR isn't part of the disney "canon".
At least his character was somewhat redeemed during "The Mandalorian" which I enjoyed.

I won't forgive them for not having Mara Jade either. They wanted to have a strong female lead (which is a good thing) that character's backstory would have fit the bill perfectly, and without all the nonsense of the marysue they went with, who did all this stuff with essentially no real backstory or training. Ya, I get she was that powerful because of the genetics of a Palpatine, but without training she would not have been able to do this type of thing. Yes, Luke didn't have much training either when he blew up the Death Star (only a bit of lightsaber practice with Obi-Wan and training bots) but he was already a good pilot- like his father before him-, but it shows him receiving quite a bit from Yoda on Dagobah.
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