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04.30.2013 , 05:58 AM | #9
Hi , to all new players out there, welcome:

There is, quite simply an almost foolproof way to avoid buying items On the cartel market, That as subbed, You already get given or unlocked.

If you open certain packs, or most cartel Coin Things like consumables, If you click the appropriate item to bring it up
on the right hand window, If the Item has a Large **Yellow triangle With a question mark on it**, That usually means, That you already have unlimited access to this item because you subbed.

The only packs I bought when I joined was two Newcomer packs, for each of my characters, that comes With a speeder and the skill and a few other XP boosts.

I bought one newcomer pack for a young friend, opened it, and kept in my inventory for when he logged in, then I traded the speeder and skill free to him, so he could get around Taris with me.

I have seen fairly new players of 10-15 Go and buy a speeder, then find they need thousand credits to get improved speeder skill to use it. Always take time reading The information, before making a choice.